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Our services will help you to:


· Develop strategic and action plans at programmatic, sectorial and/or geographical level


· Develop actions plans accordingly.


· Conduct monitoring and evaluation systems of the organization’s strategy. (outcome mapping)


· Support and facilitate the development of operational plans.


· Creating knowledge management systems.


· Support work teams, and facilitate decision-making processes.

Working  with Systemic  Thinking boosts  the  capacity  of  organisations  to  adapt  and  project ourselves into the current  context, while being aware that as an organization we represent just another piece in this scenario puzzle, and that it is essential that our role  be  integrated into this context. The Systems  Theory  allows  us  to  make  sense  of  the  whole  (system),  while  understanding the  interrelation  between  its  components.    This  what  enables  us  to  interpret both  the external and internal context in which we operate.


We facilitate the implementation of strategic plans and the development of sectorial strategies with a methodology that is adapted to each organization and its particular context.


We link the strategy with the capacities of each organization; we support its deployment in operational plans, decision-making , monitoring and evaluation of strategic plans as well as the introduction of knowledge management systems.



Organizational Strengthening

The way we work:



Cooperacció is an organization devoted to promoting Development actions, lobbying, training and awareness raising in favour of the rights of women to gender equality. It supports feminist movements and women’s associations in both the South and the North in pushing their agenda forward on gender issues.


This organization required UBORA to facilitate a reflection on the identification of new internal strategies and the operational translation at an organizational level.  To this end, UBORA conducted a participatory consultation process with its Staff (headquarters and field offices), using a methodological approach adapted to their particular context and organisational needs. At a later stage, a report was formulated together with the organisation’s governing bodies on the internal strategies identified and their implementation from an organisational perspective.


The work conducted helped to identify new strategies, define and validate priorities and boost overall consistency in terms of the organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency, all within the recent context of reduced resources due to cutbacks in Development funding.

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