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Getting going on developing Networks

”In this participatory universe, nothing exists on its own. Everything falls into place thanks to  relationships. (...) We perceive what we want to perceive, we relate to some things  and ignore  others.  Through  these  chosen  relationships  we  co-create  the  world.  If  we  are interested   in   change,   it   is   crucial   to   remember   that   we   are   dealing   with   human relationship networks, not with machines ”


Margaret Wheatley, The New Science

We offer support in the process of creating partnerships between organizations and the development  of  common  projects:  setting  the  strategy(ies),  identifying  partners, and the analysis of  the actors and risks involved.


Network  collaboration  occurs  when  different  people  or  organizations  join  together  to achieve  something  in  common.  This  requires  an  initial  agreement  about  what  is  to  be achieved.  It  may  be  that  all  parties  pursue  a  common  ultimate  goal  or  that  their  aims complement each other in reaching it.

Our services will help you:


·  Define your common objectives and strategy.


·  Identify and analyse the stakeholders map and risk analysis within the networking framework.

The way we work:


The UNESCO Chair on Visual Health and Development and the Visual Health Observatory work closely for the improved access of disadvantaged populations to visual health services as well the improved quality of such services, through awareness raising campaigns, training, research and Development cooperation initiatives. UNESCO works in partnership, with the aim of increasing the academic and lobby & advocacy capacities of institutional, academic and social actors at regional level. The organisation, together with UBORA, identified the need to evaluate the regional South American programme in the frame of their regional strategy.

UBORA conducted a mid-term evaluation and identified the need to reformulate the organisational strategy at regional level in order to include emergent actors. UBORA supported the analysis of the organisational capacities to operate in networking environments, bringing coherence and validity to the new strategic framework.

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