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Systematization and Evaluation of Networks: A learning process

Networks oriented to social changes are forms of non-linear dynamic organisations that operate in complex and evolving environments. In addition, the changes an organisation seek to generate depend on a multiplicity of actions and decision-making processes and, when the former processes effectively occur, networks simply contribute to those ends in a indirect manner.


Conventional evaluation systems are based on input-output models, aimed at measuring success related to predefined measurable Outcomes that do not simply fit into the nature and intrinsic characteristic of Networks. However, and if used, such conventional approaches limit their innovation, adaptation and flexibility scope and potential capacities of such Networks. In this view, Networks also need to know what is working out fine or not in this working process, evaluate in the long run what changes have been achieved as to gather valuable and credible information oriented to decision-making on future prospects as well as information for accountability purposes.


In conclusion, for the evaluation of networks it is necessary to apply new approaches as to be able to reflect the inherent complex, open and dynamic reality in which a network must work, as well as the changes they do contribute to generate, through the participation and learning of all social actors involved


Source: Adaptation of “Evaluating the Effects of International Advocacy Networks”.

Ricardo Wilson-Grau, 2007.




Our services will help you to:


· Evaluations of long term Networking processes (5 year-frameworks or more).

· Systematise Network processes using participatory processes (such as the most significant change technique) as to allow for collection of experiences and lessons learnt, and create learning materials to be further shared among social movements, CSOs, and other social actors in general.

· Outreach the systematised work with communication-friendly tools such as: participatory video, publications, exhibitions, visual thinking, visual mapping, web tools, etc.


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