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Organizational capacity-building

Our training modules will help you to:


· Identify and design the Theory of Change of an intervention / project / program as well as the strategic planning of an organization.


· Initiate or further develop a process of reflection or strategic planning.


· Reinforce the organization’s capacities through M&E internal systems training / specific modules.



The  M&E  systems  implemented  within  the  organization  have  to  be  useful  not  only  for accountability  and  reporting  purposes,  but  also  to  help  the  organization  learn  from  its practices.  We  therefore  believe  that  M&E  systems  need  to  be  mixed  and  adapted to  each organization, being consistent  with  its  mission  and vision,  and  its  own  theory  of  change.  To  set  in motion  these  M&E  systems  the  development  of  the  organisation’s  potential  and  human capacities is vital.



The way we work:



The FCCD (Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation), created in 1986, is an organization of 278 Catalan municipalities and other supra-municipal bodies, which dedicates part of their budgets to solidarity and development cooperation programs.

In 2011, it launched an online training program to improve municipal decentralized cooperation capacities, including training follow-up with coaching. The program aimed to encourage the information exchange at managerial and technical level of municipalities in order to identify, share and expand their knowledge on:


• Rapid changing social, political and economic contexts of the countries where the FCCD cooperates.

•   Policies and practices of decentralized cooperation framed in what is properly decentralised cooperation.

• Applying quality criteria in the Cooperation for development policies as well as within its projects and programs.


The FCCD asked UBORA to be responsible for the on-line training sub-modules on municipal decentralized cooperation.



The University of Girona, in its process of strengthening, consolidating and expanding its network of stakeholders, partners and international university programs, asked UBORA to conduct training sessions and capacity-building tailored to their needs, and strategic objectives. This included the identification of actors, instruments and inter-university programs especially in Europe. UBORA gave the training, which allowed the University of Girona to become acquainted with the programs, tools and objectives within the framework of inter-university programs and development of the European Commission and assess their technical capacities in order to identify, and ultimately lead in partnership European inter-university programs.


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