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Planning, Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

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We help you to improve the planning, design and management components of your projects and programs, not only to give access to funding sources from public and private institutions and be held accountable to them, but also to know the potential scope of projects and interventions and assess their contribution to social change. To this end, we use tools for planning, monitoring and evaluation tailored to the needs of both the organization and the intervention itself, and provide learning-orientated approaches to the M&E function, generating continuous feedback to improve organizational practices.

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The  M&E  system  allowed  for  the  identification  of  Outcomes  and  Changes  related  to  the gradual and progressive process of empowerment and autonomy of these women. But it also created  the  environment  for  shared  reflection  and  learning  among  all  members  of  the organisation  and  program  on  the  need  to  constantly  revisit  and  adapt  the  organization  to the context & program wherein such evolving processes take place.


The  UNESCO  Chair  on  Visual  Health  and  Development  and  the  Visual  Health  Observatory work  closely  for  improving  access of  disadvantaged  populations  to  visual  health  services  as well   the   improved   quality   of   such   services.   This   is   done   through   awareness-raising campaigns, training, research and Development cooperation initiatives.


UBORA  has  been  supporting  and  facilitating  both  organisations  with  specific  training  and strategic and  operational  organizational  assistance. In  addition  to  this,  UBORA  has  assisted in the identification and formulation of Development projects and programs to be submitted to different calls for tenders as required, using the Logic Framework Approach.


The last Project UBORA was involved in was Supporting the creation of microenterprises for women leading to the reinforcement of Ocular Health Services in Dakar, Senegal Such a Project, which was funded by the Council of Barcelona in 2014 initiated the implementation of an economically sustainable model based on the creation of  micro-enterprises  by  women  coming  from  the  populated  area  around  Dakar.  These  women work  as  visual  health  promoters  in  collaboration  with  the  municipal  Optics  Department  of the Abbas Ndao hospital of Dakar. This initiative reinforces the optician capacities as well as the ophthalmological department service to improve coverage and access to services.

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