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Our approach

Argonauts used to say:

“Sailing is necessary, Living is not necessary”.

I want to keep the spirit of such statement, but transformed.

The way is has to match its essence with what I am: Living is not necessary, what it is is creating




We believe that, as Argonauts stated, “sailing is necessary”. In this view, sailing will help us overcome all obstacles of all seas, but in order to do that we need a new map to orientate us. We think that, as Fernando Pessoa reflected upon, what is necessary is creating, so that is, learning and “unlearning”, understand and adapt to new opportunities and emerging context, which proves to be crucial in this particular field, International Cooperation and Education for Development.

We use and combine different methodological approaches, such as the “Outcome Mapping”, the “Theory of Change”, the “Most Significant Change” or even group facilitation based on “Process Works” and “Reflect-Action”, among others.

Our work revolves around the following:

We facilitate knowledge sharing between different Development approaches and practices, thus enabling the creation of new communication channels more wide open, more participatory and horizontally oriented as to recognise and place value to experiences, practices and knowledge coming from southern contexts and local realities.

We lay down bridges between organisational management knowledge and quality management, using our organisational capacity background and expertise in the field of International Cooperation for Development.

We work with a collaborative approach among all different actors and stakeholders in complex environments where Development takes place (NGOs, Public Administration, social entrepreneurship initiatives, the education community,..).



“UBORA is one of the best consultancies with whom we have worked, not only for the high quality of their work, but by the innovation of its proposals, adaptability to existing resources and the qualities of its team. As Cooperacció we have asked UBORA to support us in several assignments, all very different, and in all of them, results were much better than we could expect. But overall we highly value that the organizational perspective of the entity is never lose, and in that doing they ensure that that their services are highly strategic and constructive for the entire organization.”



Director of Cooperacció


“There are not many ways to measure achievements in the social field. We as technicians, and program managers who are accompanying and encouraging processes we see the changes occurring, but how to transmit them and show them to others it is more difficult. Knowing the methodology of Most Significant Change was very important for us. This methodology has been used in Ceprodih with very good results. "



Opportunity Program Coordinator, Center for the promotion of Human Dignity Ceprodih

"I have worked with UBORA in the " Civil Society Education Fund " Evaluation, an ambitious project of capacity building of civil society in the South in relation with education policies. The level of involvement of UBORA in the evaluation process not only denoted that are great professionals, but also great sensitivity for the topics they are working for.”



Coordinator of the Global Fund Evaluation, conducted by the research group GEPS, Globalisation, Education and Social Policies


“Ines Romero Acosta y Lara, as a professional, brilliantly accompanied the process that we began in the field of decentralised city to city direct cooperation. That led to strengthening practices in organizations that as Local Council we have decided to support, and also served to show us possible ways of networking. Her organizational skills and innovative proposals allowed us to strengthen the work of direct cooperation, approaching other varied view points and possible options in the field of international cooperation. "



Responsible for Cooperation and Culture department. City of  Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

"UBORA is one of the most credible and humane organizations with which ADIS has been able to collaborate. A consultancy that shows ability to innovate and adapt to an organization of foreign women like us, and has earned our trust. The qualities of the UBORA team have helped us to participate in this new society, allowing us to implement our projects by ourselves, which made us feel as citizens".



Chairwoman of ADIS. Association of Women migrants from Sub-Saharan countries.

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