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· We count on a highly experienced and long record in the field of International Development,

with a clear international projection.

· We work providing contextualised solutions for every need. Not from a theoretical but applied approach.

· We work in collaboration with a wide network of organizations and professionals from various

countries with whom we share our approach to the work.


UBORA is established as an interdisciplinary space in which professionals from different areas converge with consolidated international development cooperation experience. It has a team of people with experience working on international cooperation and with different stakeholders: Donors and Public Administration, CSOs, Universities from northern and southern countries, etc.)


I am dedicated to enhancing Organizational Strengthening and Capacity Building of civil society organizations and government agencies in various countries in the North and the South. Thereby building on more than15 years of international experience in different organizational contexts. Including assessing networks and Global Development Funds.


To ensure that ideas are translated into reality I believe in empowerment of individuals, but especially in empowerment of groups and organizations. Therefore, in my advisory work, I focus on facilitating Participation, with a clear preference for methodologies that enhance processes, both in capacity building and quality management. I have always been very keen on building bridges between disciplines (I studied anthropology and economics) and on combining different visions and cultures. I am passionate about what I do: advising organizations and programs that work for social transformation, incorporating a global view and dialogue between strategy (the what) and management (the how). I count with a broad experience is setting up social projects, as well as in assessing them, how to monitoring and evaluate in order to bring organizational innovation and learning.


Since 2012, I am developing my facilitation skills from the perspective of "Process Work and Deep Democracy" and its application in my work proves to be very useful.

I am co-founder of UBORA and I really enjoy that we managed to establish a very good team. I love to share and build collectively, complementing capabilities.


I’ve been working for 10 years as the Head of the Development Cooperation, Universities and Capacity-Building Unit within the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (Government of Catalunya, 2002-2012), of whom 1 year and a half being on leave working for the UNSCC (United Nations System Staff College), a UN training institution. From 2007, I’ve been additionally working as a freelance consultant (trainer, technical assistant, lecturer and evaluator) for different development actors in the field (namely, universities, NGOs, local authorities, and so on..). During these last 4 years I’ve devoted my interests and expertise on capacity-building processes intended for the public administration, (Directorate for International Cooperation of the City Council of Barcelona) as well as training and evaluation of development projects & programs using mixed or newly emerging methodological approaches (logical framework with the Theory of Change, outcome mapping, human rights-based approach, training evaluation based on Kirkpatrick’s’,...). Likewise, and as a result of the evaluations conducted so far on different development interventions, I’ve focused my interest on the organisational and operational side (initial setting and core processes of an organisation) beyond the merely results and impact-oriented criteria, which would fit into the classical evaluation parameters. With regards to universities, I’ve been providing assistance and training on the European Comission Finance Frameworks intended for universities in the areas of training, research, university management and interuniversity international cooperation through Networking projects & programs.


I am part of UBORA’s team since 2011. I’ve been working in development cooperation for almost twenty years. I was Coordinator and later on Director of the Center of Amazon Studies (CEAM), a catalan NGO working mainly in the Bolivian Amazon region, in the areas of agricultural production development, local economic development, conservation and management of resources, cultural recovery, organizational strengthening and environmental education. Over twelve years I’ve made long stays working in Bolivia and other Latin American countries, taking part in the identification, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs, as well as participating as a technician in the implementation of projects of rural farming and education and cultural recovery. I also took care of the relationship with local partners, government institutions of the countries with which CEAM worked, with indigenous and farmer communities and their representatives, as well as research centers and universities with which the NGO held close collaboration by the characteristics of their work.

Since 2008 I’ve worked as an independent consultant. During this time I have advised both NGO and the public administration in the identification, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects of cooperation for development as well as education activities for development.

For four years I have worked within the area of direct cooperation of a municipality of Catalonia (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona), offering support for strategic planning for it, working closely with southern organizations (guiding them and monitoring them for they could improve the design and monitoring of projects) and conducting the field assessment of various projects of different organizations.

In recent years I’ve pursued a particular interest, on the one hand, in the implementation of approaches and mixed techniques for monitoring and evaluation and the final evaluation of development projects by introducing various methodologies (outcome mapping, outcome harvesting, most significant change…), and secondly, linking the ongoing monitoring and evaluation with learning, capacity building and organizational strengthening of NGO.

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