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What UBORA stands for?

In Kiswahili “ubora” means “do things right, being eager to, excellence” which leads us here to a system of learning and good organisational practices.

The term “good practices” has different meanings, but could be defined as a certain status in which all elements or components of an organisation (strategy, operational aspects, structure and organisational culture) work closely in an efficient manner as to reach long-term measurable advances.


UBORA, organisational learning and management quality, is a Catalan organisation offering services and guidance mainly to governmental bodies & local authorities and CSOs. UBORA provides capacity-building and organisational learning’ services, so that is, facilitating institutional strengthening programmes adapted to each organisation (organisational and operational  dimension).

 It also embraces a diversity of actors and visions as international associates and collaborators, thus enlarging its networking capacity in different areas of expertise.


UBORA gives advice to organisations helping them to reflect on who they are, how things are done and organised, how internal management should be improved and, above all, use all these knowledge as a learning-oriented tool in order to upgrade their organisational practices.


We truly believe that M&E processes are crucial. In this view, UBORA uses innovative approaches allowing us to reflect on the performance of our actions and programmes and thus enhancing our practices as to achieve tangible outcomes.

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